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Keep your self protect with our extended warranties!

B&B Auto Recyclers standard warranty

Standard 91 day warranty.

Mechanical components guaranteed for 91 days.  Warranty will void if evidence of neglect, abuse or alteration is found.  Expect for any laws to the

contrary, and implied warranties are limited for 91 days.  Buyer's exclusive remedy against B&B covered above.  Buyer agrees that no other remedy

including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential loss, property or any other incidental or consequential loss, shall be available to the buyer.


gold warranty

One year parts coverage.

Cost 20% of the original cost of part.  Will cover the cost to replace or refund the part past our standard 91 day warranty.


platinum warranty

One year parts and labor

Cost 30% of the original cost of part.

Labor is based at $40.00 per hour based on the Mitchell Repair Guide.


Terms and Conditions

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